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Adam Vincent Media Student

Hello! My name is Adam I am a media student interested in just about everything technological. I have many volunteer & hobby roles ranging from photographer & cinematographer to local radio presenter.

I am currently studying creative media production in TV & Film and have a qualification in photography.  I am also an adobe certified associate in design using Photoshop and studying with industry standard software such as premiere pro and after effects.

My main equipment consists of a Cannon 700D (Main) & 1100D, I have recently acquired the 700 as my main camera to allow me to use more advanced features.
I also have a GoPro Silver 3 and various over tripods and attachments for the cameras.

My style is closeup & landscape photography and cinematic filming on the video side. I do also enjoy virtual photography which I dont do a lot of but have done in the past.

I am also a web developer / designer specializing in WordPress, Rainloop, Humhub and various other things. I mostly do it for personal sites but I do manage a couple of networks and do some bits for friends.  

Skills Ranked My Skill Set

Video Production
Video Editing
Web Development

Brands & Clients Who I have worked with

Media E30 Zone Media
E30 Zone is the UKs largest E30 Car Community, I work along side the team at events to provide photos and videos from events.
Media QCD Auto Media
QCD Automotive is a leading vehicle accident repair specialist in the UK> I did some media work there while on experience.
Media & Website BSR Media & Website
BSR is a local radio station providing community news and activity's. I do media work at events and run the web network.
Website Lock Bot Website
Lock Bot is a discord project providing tools to enhance their discord servers. I created multiple websites for the project.
Media 90% Bloopers Media
90% Bloopers is a college community project I work with to provide YouTube videos and Social Media content.
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