Virtual Film

Hijacked | Virtual Film | 2020

This is a short film made in GTA V for my end of a year college project during lockdown 2020. It was quite a learning experience for me as I had a play around in the rockstar editor previously but nothing major. You can see this process as I think it gets better as it goes along.

The idea of this film was to be able to create a project from my home ( as I could not go outside at the time ) that still had all the core features of a production needed for my course.

The quality was slightly limited by the rockstar editor export I played around with advanced exporter (mod) but to no ends, I did not have the time to fiddle around with other options at the time. Anyway, I thought I would release it for other people to watch since I spent a lot of time making it.

This was made with a mixture of software from the in game editor to premiere pro, adobe audition and after effects. This film was produced and directed by myself, the voice acting was provided by some of my fellow students and friends.

Production Shots

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