Bucks Scout Radio – A community radio station based in Buckinghamshire supporting and building skills for young people.

I am the lead web designer & developer for all our forward and backward facing websites and services. Find out more below.

Main Website (BucksScoutRadio.co.uk)

This is a feature of the current development of version 3 of the main website. The website needs to accommodate core features such as online streaming via radio player as well as the display of local news. Version 3 is more radio focused displaying all the most useful information directly on the front page.

This Website was built using the WordPress engine. Created 2022.

All images are strictly concepts and work in progress.

Staff Portal (Intranet)

Communication and information are key to the operation of an organization with multiple team members, I designed BSRs staff portal as an intranet allowing presenters and other team members to view and access relevant information on services on demand. It also acts as a useful place to store our brand center and training resources.


This Website was built using the WordPress engine. Created 2020.

BSR Operations Platform (BOP)

Once again speaking on communication, having a range of ages and abilities we needed a secure platform to communicate and share ideas and information that could be in almost live time. Using the framework and integrations BOP was created and is also used for hosting our meetings, calendars, tasks, and many more things available for anyone on the team to access and view anytime.

This Website was built using the HumHub Framework. Created 2020.



Every organization needs emails right? Yeah we could have just used a default software but it may as well look nice too!

This Website was built using the Rainloop Webmail Framework. Created 2019.

All content on this website is owned and copyrighted by myself and Buckinghamshire Scouts unless stated otherwise.